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  1. Sand quality

    Sand deserving of a perfect 10 score is fine, with a good, natural structure, no impurities, pebbles, shells or any other hard particles. The eye should rejoice in its color. It feels great to the touch, and it’s a pleasure to walk or run on.

  2. Beach cleanliness

    Maintaining a beach and its sand clean is a never-ending process. Such beaches rate high.

  3. Beautiful scenery

    When the marvelous view makes us pause in wonder.

  4. Crowd-free

    A deserted or sparsely populated beach would rate closer to 10, and a beach full of people – closer to 0.

  5. Infrastructure

    A high score would indicate the presence of roads, accommodations, shops, restaurants and all seemingly indispensable comforts of modern society.

  6. Sea

  7. Water visibility

    Water visibility scale
    1 – 1+ m (3+ ft.)
    2 – 2+ m (7+ ft.)
    3 – 3+ m (10+ ft.)
    4 – 4+ m (13+ ft.)
    5 – 6+ m (20+ ft.)
    6 – 8+ m (26+ ft.)
    7 – 10+ m (33+ ft.)
    8 – 15+ m (49+ ft.)
    9 – 20+ m (65+ ft.)
    10 – 25+ m (82+ ft.)

    Crystal clear water means a visibility of at least 20 – 30 m (65 – 100 ft.). Anything else is simply money-hungry advertising.

  8. Litter-free water

    Rate high if the water is free of man-made objects floating around. Rivers carrying impurities into the water or the presence of various debris in it should decrease the score.

  9. Feet-friendly bottom

    The ability to walk barefoot in at least some areas of the bottom. If there is nothing but sand on the bottom, the score is 10. Conversely, an all-rocks bottom that is difficult to walk on is between 0 and 1. If there are, however, coral reefs with clearly defined islands in-between them and there’s good visibility, the score could go up to the 4 to 6 range.

  10. Sea life diversity

    When you submerge, the feeling you get is that of being inside of a giant aquarium (a score of 10), not a lifeless desert (a score of 0).

  11. Coral reef

    A beach with a coral reef full of life is far higher up than any otherwise beautiful beach that lacks this treasure. It's hard for someone who hasn't seen many coral reefs to be precise in his judgment, but if he tried to picture the most memorable underwater landscapes he'd seen on TV – they would be a 10.

  12. Area suitable for

  13. Snorkeling

    If a beach is well suited to snorkeling, it most likely shines with all of these qualities as well:

    • Clean and clear sea water;
    • Varied sea life and probably an attractive coral reef;
    • Calm waters.
    Such a beach deserves a near-maximum score.

  14. Kayaking

    A beach suitable for kayaking has calm waters and a picturesque landscape.

  15. Taking a walk

    Both walking and running on the sand of a beautiful beach or the promenade next to it is pure pleasure. We tend to rate this important advantage with a high score.

  16. Camping

    Some of the best beaches around the world are often places where there are campsites and nature has been preserved. If the beach is suitable for camping in the wild, then likely it’s away from the crowds, which makes it a hidden jewel.

  17. Long-term stay

    Rate high if there’s fully functional infrastructure near the beach, such as roads, accommodations, shops, markets, restaurants, entertainment, etc., which make it appropriate for staying longer or even living there.