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Quickly find the beach you want

  1. The search bar can take in continents, countries, seas, and even beaches

    We type in Thailand into the search bar and select it.
    A table with all beaches for which there is information in the database will appear.
    The beaches are automatically sorted by their total score.

  2. Choosing our preferred criteria:

    1. Sorting by a single criterion with only a click
      1. Let’s say we want to find the beach with the purest water
      2. Above every criterion, there are sorting arrows
      3. We press the arrow above the ‘Water visibility’ column
      4. The beaches with the purest water will populate the first few rows
    2. Sorting by multiple criteria
      1. We press the most important button, ‘Select criteria’
      2. Turn on and off as many criteria as you want
      3. You can also use the predefined filters above the table

Example 1

We are looking for beaches in Thailand suitable for snorkeling near the shore, with the best coral reefs and a lot of diversity in its clean water. Everything a snorkeling enthusiast could want. Soft and clean sand is something we’d like as well. Decent tourist infrastructure would be a nice bonus.

So far, we’ve narrowed it down to 8 criteria that a beach in Thailand should live up to.

By pressing ‘Change criteria’, we turn off the criteria we don’t need. Here’s what it looks like:

No example image

Example 2

We’re looking for a beach in Bulgaria to take our kids to. A beach with soft and clean sand, clean water, excellent tourist infrastructure, and the ability to take a walk on and around the beach. Ideally, however, there shouldn’t be that many people.

We choose the desired options with ‘Select criteria’ and leave out the rest.

No example image

The table automatically shows us a list of the beaches sorted by our seven criteria.

We quickly found the best beaches in Bulgaria to take our children to.

We hope the database will be help helpful to you in finding the beaches attractive to you.
Our beach database is still in its infancy. We’d be grateful if you could contribute to it by reviewing a couple of beaches you’ve visited.
You can do so in the Add Beach page.
Thank you in advance!